U8 Academy Overview

The San Ramon FC U8 Academy program philosophy provides our young players with the best possible start to their soccer experience. This information is provided to help those not familiar with the competitive program understand our program philosophy.

Developing a Love of Soccer Through Learning and Play

The focus of the SRFC U8 Academy program is to guide and develop young soccer players through the vitally important early years of soccer, where the learning environment and coaches can have the biggest impact, be it good or bad.

The SRFC staff coaches working with these players are specifically selected because they are superb at training and understanding young children. The focus at this age is to create a fun and enjoyable environment where children can learn and play under the guidance of coaches who excel with youth development.

Children at this age are like sponges, absorbing a great deal of what they see and experience first-hand. They are also capable of developing a serious love of the game at this age if exposed to the right environment. By providing a nurturing atmosphere for young players, the U8 Academy program helps create positive habits and attitudes, which in turn create the foundation for soccer excellence in future years.

Our Focus is on Developing Individual Players

Creativity and enjoyment are highly encouraged through training and games, as kids who enjoy the game in these youngest ages most often thrive, and are much more likely to continue playing and enjoying the game for years to come.

Our U8 Academy program focuses on developing individual players versus focusing on the results of any game or season. It is much more important to develop players within the proper framework at this age as opposed to demanding that a team win at all costs.

If the goal is simply to win there are shortcuts that coaches can take at the expense of developing the player and the team. Our ultimate goal is to help each child in the program develop skills and techniques to play the beautiful game with creativity, passion and a better understanding of their role within the game.