3 Logos - no year

3 Logos - no year

A New Era Begins in 2016

2016 is a remarkable year for us, unlike any other in our club’s history. 

At a special event on January 20th, we rebranded our club as San Ramon FC and unveiled our new mission statement and 11 pillars of character along with a new logo, name and color scheme.

Our decision to rebrand our club was neither an impulsive one, nor one we took lightly. On the contrary, it was well planned and thoroughly discussed for over a year. 

Sir Winston Churchill said, “There is nothing wrong with change as long as it’s in the right direction.”  We couldn’t agree more.

We invite you to continue reading as we tell you the story of our club and explain why we chose to implement these exciting, dynamic changes in 2016.

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State of Club

State of Club

The State of our Club

We are a club on the rise.

Over the past years, we have been re-energized by the passion of our players, the dedication of our families, and the tireless effort of all involved to create a positive experience for our players.

Our club’s reputation is growing locally and regionally, and our programs are growing in number too.

Our competitiveness is on the rise: Our club’s teams won 25 tournaments and leagues in 2015.

With our futsal facility and programs, we are now the epicenter of youth futsal in the East Bay.  In just our second year, we have over 90 teams from various clubs competing in our winter futsal league.

Thanks to their own hard work and the guidance of our club’s coaches, our club’s players are receiving greater attention from both Olympic development and collegiate programs.  We expect that to continue in the future and we are committed to helping players reach their full potential.

To better serve youth in our club and community, we added a new program in 2015:  College Services. This program offers valuable resources to players seeking to play in college.  The program is headed by our College Program Director, Travis Clarke.  Travis is the Head Women’s Coach at St. Mary’s College. 

For our youngest players, we created our Kick Start program in 2015.  Three and four year olds can enjoy a fun introduction to soccer and a chance to develop physical skills like coordination and balance.

As proud as we are of the Kick Start program, in 2015 we were also delighted to announce that our club has joined the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL), a nationwide premier league for adult women. The WPSL is not only the largest amateur women’s soccer league in the country, but in the entire world. 

Our new women’s team begins competing in the summer of 2016 and will unite our club and the soccer community in the San Ramon Valley behind a common team.  We expect our WPSL team to play exciting, aggressive, attacking and entertaining soccer.

Not Broke

Not Broke

If It's Not Broke, Why Fix It?

For years, we operated our club under two names:  “San Ramon Soccer” for our recreational (REC) program and “AZURI” for our competitive (COMP) program.

We asked questions and listened to feedback from our club’s families and our community. We learned that using two names was confusing and, to some, divisive.  Part of our purpose is to develop community.  Keeping two names worked against our efforts to build unity in our club.  

Why not just adopt one of the two existing names for the whole club? We considered it.

Ultimately, we accepted our committee’s recommendation to unify all of our programs under a fresh, dynamic brand that fully aligned with our new mission statement.

How did changes

How did changes

How Did The Changes Happen?

In early 2015, we formed a Vision Committee made up of parents, board members and staff.  The parents and board members on the Vision Committee came from all of our programs and represented a wide variety of age groups in our club.

The Vision Committee looked at everything about the club – our name, history, logo, programs and place in the soccer community.  All involved were dedicated, passionate and focused on doing the best thing for our entire club and community.  

Club Foundation

Club Foundation

Our Club’s Foundation: A New Mission Statement and Eleven Pillars of Character

Our decision to rebrand our club was not impulsive, and not taken lightly. On the contrary, it has been well planned and thoroughly discussed for over a year.  (Yes, you may have read this in the introduction, but it is worth repeating.) 

We formed a committee to research, discuss, analyze and explore options for rebranding.

First, our committee’s goal was to write a focused mission statement and identify character traits that are essential to success in soccer and in life.  That sounds easier than it actually is, by the way.

Discussing names and logos would be the fun, easy part (or so it was thought). Our committee members understood that the foundation of our club needed to be identified, clarified and assembled.

During a series of meetings (and emails), we developed our new mission statement: 

Developing players, character and community through soccer.

Next, we looked at who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.  For years, we talked about developing people and developing players, but we needed to look at what developing people really meant.  To figure this out, we asked, “What character traits do high level soccer players need?” 

Through this process, we developed eleven character traits that form the pillars of what our club is about.

11 Pillars

11 Pillars

Eleven Pillars of Character

What essential character traits do high level soccer players need? 

The answer to this question is not easy. In fact, our Vision Committee spent an extraordinary amount of time discussing it.  We believe they identified the key traits that now will become the pillars to our coaching.

San Ramon FC will strive to instill these eleven pillars of character in every player within our club.

More importantly, these eleven traits will serve every player well not only on the soccer field, but in school and later in their adult lives.

Accountability:  An obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions

Competitiveness: A strong desire to win while exerting the best effort in order to succeed; striving to always improve

Confidence:  A belief in yourself, your team, and your collective ability that you can achieve a desired goal

Creativity:  The ability to imagine new ideas, solutions, or possibilities

Inclusiveness:   An acceptance of another’s opinions, views and suggestions

Integrity:  A quality that implies honesty, fairness, ethics, good sportsmanship and moral character

Leadership:  An ability to help a team reach a common goal by listening, inspiring, and encouraging others

Passion:  A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement toward something

Perseverance: A steady persistence to try to do something even though it is difficult; continuing in the face of difficulty

Respect:  An understanding that someone or something is important and should be treated in an appropriate way

Teamwork:  Working as a group to achieve a common goal


How Did We Decide

How Did We Decide

How Did We Decide Upon the New Name, Logo and Color Scheme?

After assembling our mission statement and our eleven pillars of character, our committee shifted its focus to the club name and the club logo. 

Our committee kept an open mind while examining various names, logos and color schemes. It was important to find a logo that represented our new mission statement and the eleven pillars of character, as well as our dedicated soccer community in San Ramon.

As logos and names were discussed and reviewed through committee meetings, the number of options steadily narrowed.

Some logos and names were fantastic, while others were not.  Ultimately, some were discarded when they did not adequately meet our prerequisites of representing our new mission statement and pillars, as well as our soccer community.

Our staff and board of directors strongly believed that our club deserved to be represented by a well-crafted, inspirational logo design.

For our logo design process, we consulted with a graphic designer who converted our ideas into a visual representation of our club which we now look at with pride.

Our Logo Explained

Our Logo Explained

Our New Logo Tells Our Story

Distinctive, symbolic and fresh. Our new logo tells our story visually.

What Do These Changes?

What Do These Changes?

What Do These Changes Mean To Me?

As you join us for our tryouts, programs and events, we are confident that your family will experience a new sense of energy, unity and excitement.

We are committed to helping each player reach their maximum potential while cultivating a sense of community pride in our club.

In all programs and all levels of play, you will see our innovative emphasis on eleven pillars of character, positive character traits that extend beyond the soccer field and into everyday life.

It also means that we listened to you and we took action to make positive changes so that our club can become your community.

changes help our club

changes help our club

How Will These Changes Help Our Club?

These changes better position our club to grow and reach our maximum potential as a premier youth club in Northern California.

They will guide us in a positive, dynamic direction and bring clarity that all of our programs are part of the same club.

The changes will help unify all levels of play under one mission statement, one logo and one name, fostering a source of pride for your player, your family and our community for years to come. 

Logo Timeline with Years

Logo Timeline with Years

Club Calendar

Club Calendar

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Amazon Smile

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