Our Club’s Foundation: A New Mission Statement and Eleven Pillars of Character

Our decision to rebrand our club was not impulsive, and not taken lightly. On the contrary, it has been well planned and thoroughly discussed for over a year.  (Yes, you may have read this in the introduction, but it is worth repeating.) 

We formed a committee to research, discuss, analyze and explore options for rebranding.

First, our committee’s goal was to write a focused mission statement and identify character traits that are essential to success in soccer and in life.  That sounds easier than it actually is, by the way.

Discussing names and logos would be the fun, easy part (or so it was thought). Our committee members understood that the foundation of our club needed to be identified, clarified and assembled.

During a series of meetings (and emails), we developed our new mission statement: 

Developing players, character and community through soccer.

Next, we looked at who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.  For years, we talked about developing people and developing players, but we needed to look at what developing people really meant.  To figure this out, we asked, “What character traits do high level soccer players need?” 

Through this process, we developed eleven character traits that form the pillars of what our club is about.

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