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Futsal in San Ramon | Leagues | Camps | Clinics | Programs | Tournaments

Futsal is a fun, fast-paced sport that shares many similarities with soccer. In San Ramon, we play futsal indoors.

We have two futsal courts that we use for our futsal programs, games, tournaments, and more.

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Whether played recreationally or competitively, the sport of futsal is enjoyed by youth and adults for many reasons, including:

  • Small court, small teams
  • Fast pace of play
  • In general, the sport creates more touches on the ball for players
  • Futsal improves ball skills, passing, and quick thinking
  • In general, there is less physical contact between players than in soccer

Our club believes in developing the technical and tactical foundation of every child as a priority over the win-at-all-costs mentality found in many youth programs.

We incorporate futsal training into the curriculum of our competitive program. We offer futsal camps, clinics, leagues, and tournaments for recreational and competitive players.

Futsal skills carry over onto the soccer field, so soccer players benefit from playing the sport.

Futsal is also a sport unto itself.

Players who enjoy playing futsal will find additional playing opportunities as the game continues to grow regionally and nationally.

As our players are learning and growing, we train them in a manner that allows them to play with confidence, skill, poise, and control, and we demand that players implement in games what is taught in the high-intensity training.

We believe in developing crafty, attack-minded players that can confidently explore their options when playing, and our futsal courts and training programs provide the ideal venue for developing such players.

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