Important SRS Club Announcement for All Members



Dear SRS Members and Staff:


These are exciting times for San Ramon Soccer.  Today we are happy to share important news with you that will ultimately impact every player in our club. 

As you may be aware, there are two principal forces that guide our work:  Player Development and Human Development.

Over the past 3 years, we have made significant progress in Player Development. 

We improved the quality of training programs at all levels, extending the competitive season to incorporate the spring program with 12 additional weeks of training. We added more coaches with advanced licenses and certificates and organized top level coaching education opportunities with top-notch instructors such as Dave Chesler (US Soccer Federation), Frans Hoek (Dutch Federation) and Dr. Romeo Jozak (Croatian Federation). Our players achieved greater success in tournaments that we carefully choose and limit for the players well-being. This year we have 11 players involved in the Northern California PDP and ODP Programs. We continue to recommend more, considering the success of our players.

Considering that futsal is a pure abstract of the game of soccer, our recently opened futsal facility provides a unique in the Bay Area opportunity for players to develop their skills.

In addition to Player Development, we have another, more important, goal: Human Development.


Our coaches are the main influence on Player Development.  For the goal of Human Development, our coaches simply cannot do it alone.



For Human Development, a goal this important requires all of us working together as a team: Parents, Coaches and Staff.

We all need to do our part:

  • Positive cheering on the sidelines every game.
  • Displays of respect for opponents, officials and teammates.
  • Encouraging effort and teaching acceptance of mistakes as learning, not failure. 
  • And, we need to help each other with gentle reminders when we forget these things.

Actions speak louder than words.

If we tell our players to respect an opponent or referee before the game, then we cannot disrespect the opponent or referee during the game, after the game or on the car ride home.  We cannot send a mixed message to our players. 

Changing behavior isn't easy for anyone.  We must walk the talk. 



To get all of us focused and informed, we are pleased to partner with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). We have also added a Positive Coaching page to our web site, where you will find videos, articles and additional resources.  

The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) provides us with a road map to developing "Better Athletes, Better People." Many diverse coaches and athletes from professional sports support their message:  Steve Young, Phil Jackson, Brandi Chastain, Doc Rivers and many, many more.

Their content is terrific. Their trainers are superb.

PCA trains a coach to be a “Double Goal” Coach: To balance the goal of winning with a second, more important, goal of teaching life lessons.

PCA encourages parents to let go of winning and concentrate on life lessons.

“There are only two groups of people whose job is to win games: Coaches and players,” says Jim Thompson, PCA Founder. “Parents have a much more important job: To guide their child’s character development.”



We just hosted a PCA clinic with a PCA Trainer for our coaches in the Recreational, Copper Select and AZURI programs.

In the near future, you will be asked to attend a PCA Clinic for Parents, led by a PCA Trainer.  The 2nd Goal Parent Clinic is scheduled for Wednesday August 20th from 7:30pm to 930pm.  It will be held at our Futsal Facility at 12885 Alcosta Blvd, Bldg. B in San Ramon.

We are planning a Triple-Impact Competitor Clinic for only AZURI players in U14 age group and above.  It is scheduled for Wednesday August 6th from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at our Futsal Facility.

We know your time is valuable. We sincerely believe these clinics are time well spent. They will help us lay the foundation for the culture we want to instill in our club.

After the clinics, our work continues. We must use what we learn.

We hope and expect that you will take the Positive Coaching message to heart.  It is the key to providing life lessons that will stay with our players long after they've left the field.

Working together, we will honor our commitment to the Human Development of all our players.

Thank you for your support. 



Ivan Kepčija                                                                        Andy Mittler

SRS Technical Director                                          SRS General Manager

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