A Fun, Playful Introduction to Youth Soccer

Small Fields, Big Fun

Time goes by too fast.

It seems like our little ones were just learning to crawl, doesn’t it?

As parents, we want to help our child learn, grow and have fun.

Now we’re helping them explore the world through classes, camps, preschools, and kindergarten.

We like our kids to be busy, yet in a fun-educational-sort-of-way.

Since 1973, our non-profit organization has been providing fun-yet-educational experiences for the children in our community.

The value of youth sports is not in the trophies. The value of youth sports is in learning through play.

It’s in the life lessons that are learned without even knowing it. 

Lessons like teamwork, inclusiveness, and responsibility are learned while playing sports.

Those lessons, once learned, are rarely forgotten.

Our U5-U6 soccer program gives your child a fun, playful introduction to the world of youth sports.

Why? Because we designed it that way. 

We put on our “kid glasses” and looked at it from the point of view of a young child.

Young players want to play with the soccer ball, plain and simple.

Our program is designed to give them plenty of touches on the ball, with 30 minutes of practice where everyone has their own ball followed by a 30-minute game.

We designed the U5-U6 schedule to fit into your family’s busy schedule.

You’ll enjoy a single, weekly “soccer appointment” that includes both a practice and a game at the same field.

The fields are small. The rosters are small, often with only 5 or 6 players per team. The goals are small.

The fun is BIG.  There’s lots of action and touches on the ball.

Goal scoring is plentiful because we don’t use goalies.

We don’t track wins and losses.

We don’t even keep score unless you’re counting smiles. 

And if you’re counting smiles, then everyone wins.

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