Sample Schedule - General Information

For our fall season, you can expect the following:

  • Season begins in either late August or early September
  • Practices and games will occur on Saturdays
    • Example: Team "Hurricane" will practice at 10 am for 30 minutes and then play a fun game at 10:30 am for 30 minutes vs Team "Tidalwave." (Team "Tidalwave", the opposing team, will also have the same practice/game schedule that week.)
  • Practices and games will occur at the same field on the same day
    • Example:  Team "Hurricane" will practice at Coyote Crossings Park on field #5 and then play a fun game for 30 minutes vs Team "Tidalwave" on field #5. 
    • Teams "Hurricane" and "Tidalwave" would each use 1/2 of field #5 for their practice before playing their game.
  • A team's Saturday practice/game time will vary. 
    • Example:  Team "Tidalwave" plays at 10 am on September 10, 8:00 am on September 17 and 1:00 pm on September 24.
  • The time commitment would be approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes each Saturday.
  • Girls teams will play against other girls teams, boys teams will play only boys teams. 
  • The season will end on the first weekend in November.

The above schedule format can change, based on weather conditions, field conditions or other factors.