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Below you will find links to information about San Ramon fields as well as numerous other fields in Northern California.  Links to each field, including map and address, are also on the right hand side of this page (mobile viewers should use landscape view to see the right side links).

For directions to San Ramon fields, you may choose to click the link for the field to get a map and the address. .

For directions to fields outside of San Ramon, look for the section below titled "FIelds Outside of San Ramon".  Use the NorCal and/or CYSA links in this section or the links for nearby cities.

The NorCal and CYSA links are much more complete and provide information about a large number fields.

Field Status Information

Field status information is displayed on the right side of our home page, as one of the three tabbed sections inside of a display box.

Click the tab bar titled "Field Status".

When all fields are open, this area will be green.

When some fields are closed but not all, this area will be yellow and marked "Field Status Alert" followed by some text indicating the fields which are closed.

When all fields are closed, this area will be red and marked "Field Status Alert" followed by some text indicating that all fields are closed.

Please note that the field status information on this site is updated manually.

The city of San Ramon makes decisions on field closings shortly after 2 pm during the week and early in the morning (shortly after 8 am on the weekends). Please check the field status information after these times.  

The time of the last field status update is shown in the "Field Status" section on the home page.

Receiving Field Status ALERTS

In addition to signing up for emails, you can also have notifications sent to your cell phone by text message. At the top of the page there will be an option highlighted for Subscriber Preferences. After selecting this option, you can change your secondary email option to a text message option.

In the event of field closures due to weather, an email or text message will be sent to notify you of the changes. If it is raining or has been raining, please check your emails to make sure there are no field closures.

Field status information can also be received directly from the city of San Ramon as follows:

The City of San Ramon has changed its method for notifying of field closures due to weather. The current field line is no longer in use. Instead the City has developed an email notification system for providing that information. Please subscribe to this system to be sure you receive up to date information on field closers for City fields.

To sign up: 

  1. Click here to visit a City of San Ramon Subscription page for either email or text alerts.
  2. After you enter your email address or mobile phone number on the page, you can sign up for any number of city information notification items.
  3. Scroll down a little to the "Living in San Ramon" Section, and you will find the Sports Field Conditions.

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